Building a school


Our primary focus is on building a permanent school for Blessed Hope with enough space to provide an environment for the children that is conducive for learning. Blessed Hope is currently running the majority of its classes out of a leased church hall ā€“ with over 150 children in a room without fixed walls, Iā€™m sure you can imagine how noisy it is! The classroom dividers we have built are providing some temporary relief, but with the church hall now at capacity, it is time for us to act.

Admission into Blessed Hope is currently in high demand with local residents, and leading into next year there will not be enough space for all of the children enrolled. Director Elsa will either have to release all of the children in Class 4 and 5 to try and find another school, or stop accepting new children into the 'Baby', 'Nursery' and 'Pre-unit' classes - both of these scenarios are unacceptable, and we can stop them from occurring!

We have found a plot of land for sale in Kibera, and now we need to raise $300,000. This money will enable us to purchase that plot of land and to build the children of Blessed Hope a school that they can call their own. Each class will finally have its own classroom, and an additional class will be added to the school every year until the current Class 5 students are in Class 8. At that point, Blessed Hope will be a full-service primary school with over 300 students. 

The $5 (500 KES) monthly tuition fee charged by Blessed Hope is far more affordable for parents than other schools in the slums, and your donations will ensure that Blessed Hope remains accessible to the children of Kibera. Through the education offered at Blessed Hope, we can start changing the face of the slums. The residents of the local community will continually become more educated, and gaining an education will become the norm, rather than the exception.

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