Completed Projects


1) The first project we undertook at Blessed Hope was to construct walls/dividers for the classes in the church hall. As you can see in the before and after photos, there was little to no privacy between the various classes and it was very distracting for the children – especially the little ones during nap time!


2) Next on our to-do list was to improve the standard of the Class 2 and 3 classroom. As it originally had a rock/dirt floor, during the long summer months it would get extremely dusty and hazardous to the children’s health. In addition, there were not enough desks to accommodate all of the children. As you can see in the photo - we were able to remedy these problems by concreting the classroom floor and building additional desks.


3) Access to clean water is a daily struggle in the slums of Kibera, and it is (or was!!) no different at Blessed Hope. We were very fortunate to have a lovely Romanian couple - Adina and Silvius - volunteer at school in May 2016, and in addition to teaching Class 2 and 3, they were able to raise enough money through friends, family, and Trivago (Adina’s company) to purchase a water tank for the school. The tank can be moved as well so we will take it with us to our new home when it is built!!


On top of the three projects described above, volunteers have been able to personally raise money to donate new uniforms, sports equipment, stationery, and other learning materials to make a difference in the lives of our children. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea you would like to discuss.

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