Our goal is to change the face of the Kibera slums through education. Our vision is that gaining an education will become the norm for the children of Kibera, rather than the exception. The construction of a permanent home for Blessed Hope Primary School is the first step on our journey.


Our History

Blessed Hope Primary School was founded in 2012 by Elsa Atieno (School director) and Garret Achieng (Head teacher), and the school roll has grown from 1 student on that first day to over 200 students today. The children are aged from 2 ½ - 10 years old and they are divided into the following eight classes: Baby class, Nursery class, Pre-unit class, and Class 1 - 5. The school curriculum consists of Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Science and Swahili.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson MandelA


Blessed Hope is currently leasing the New Life Revival Church hall in Kibera to conduct its classes. There are no walls between the classes and the church hall is at capacity. We have built temporary dividers to increase the privacy for classes, and we have developed two small sheds on the property into extra classrooms, where Classes 2 - 5 are located. It is not enough. We are facing the real possibility of having to release children from Blessed Hope unless we can find a permanent home…

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Our Mission

The survival of Blessed Hope Primary School is essential to shaping the lives of many children in the Kibera slums. To ensure the school remains open and accessible to these children, we need to raise a total of $300,000 USD. This money will enable us to purchase a plot of land in Kibera and to build a school that can cater for 300 students. We will add an extra class of students every year until the current Class 5 students are in Class 8. At that point, Blessed Hope will have become a full-service primary school.

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The majority of Kibera residents earn less than this per day


The monthly cost of tuition at Blessed Hope


Parents of children enrolled at Blessed Hope that cannot afford to pay for tuition


Blessed Hope is the cheapest primary school to attend in the Kibera slums with a meal program (per Networks for Voluntary Services – Kenya), and still, the parents struggle to pay. It is only due to the generosity and selflessness of Director Elsa and Teacher Garret that the school is still open today.

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To combat this constant financial stress, we have launched a child sponsorship program, which you can apply for through this website. One of Blessed Hope’s “priority” students can be sponsored for as little as $10 USD per month ($35 per term/$105 per year). The sponsorship money will fully cover the cost of tuition and the meal program (2 meals per day).


Get Involved

If you have any interest in sponsoring a child or donating directly to our school project, please click on the link below.

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