Our Team

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Elsa Atieno:
Elsa founded the Blessed Hope Primary School in 2012 and is the school's principal. She has an unrivaled amount of love and compassion for the children at our school and is an integral part of the Blessed Hope Project. Elsa and her husband, Shem, live just outside of Kibera and she is a proud member of the wider Kibera community.

Michael Hobbs:
Michael, a former pro rugby player from New Zealand, founded the Blessed Hope Project in 2016 after spending 5-weeks volunteering in Kenya. After honing his vision for the project while studying for his MBA at Stanford, Michael joined forces with Kenny and oversees the operations of both the Kenny Vaccaro Foundation and Blessed Hope Project. Michael is based in Newport Beach, CA.

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Kenny Vaccaro:
Kenny is currently a Safety in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans after spending the first 5-years of his career with the New Orleans Saints. After setting up the Kenny Vaccaro Foundation in 2017, Kenny has used his platform to raise money for many great causes, with the main focus being the Blessed Hope Project. Kenny and his fiance, Kahli, are based in Austin, TX with their two sons, KV Jr and Kendon.


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