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One of our most important initiatives is the child sponsorship program. During one of my early trips to Kenya I was sitting outside Blessed Hope when Charles, one of our brightest Class 3 students, came up to me and said that he and his brother were not going to be able to come to school tomorrow. I asked him why and he responded, “because tuition is due tomorrow and my Mother can’t pay”. The child sponsorship program will ensure that this scenario doesn’t occur again.

Not all of our children are in need of sponsorship, but 2/3 of the parents with children enrolled at Blessed Hope regularly struggle to pay for tuition and the meal program (2 meals per day). The total cost to attend Blessed Hope (including the meal program) is $10 USD per month. To sponsor a child for the whole school year, it is only $105.

The minimum sponsorship period is 1 year. You can also elect to sponsor your child until he/she finishes Class 8 at Blessed Hope. You will have the option to pay per term - 3 payments of $35, or you can pay the annual fee in one lump sum - $105.

If you would like to sponsor one of the "priority" children (or multiple children) at Blessed Hope, please fill in and submit the form.

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